A Blurred Glass

A Blurred Glass (2022)

I have always been convinced that Music represents one of the purest means for chronicling a specific time in history and that, consequently, both the world we live in and the challenges mankind faces everyday influence the way Music is created.
The sound of this record mirrors these past few years of isolation, of hiding from each other. It is “chamber music” in its primary meaning, Music to be performed and listened to in the intimacy of one’s own home. And this is indeed an album recorded at home, but at the same time with musicians living hundreds of kilometers away.
My gratitude goes out to those who helped me complete this important project. I want to dedicate this work to all the people who are struggling to cope with everyday life and to the ones who devote their life to creating a better and more compassionate world.
Kristian Sensini

For this album I decided to collaborate with some Ukrainian musicians and to get them recorded in a studio near Odessa. I think it is essential at this time to support our colleagues and all those who work, or try to do so, in the artistic field in such a complex situation.

The musicians involved in the project are:

Alexey Zavgorodniy violin and viola

Kateryna Mytrofanova cello

The recordings are by Oleh Mytrofanov