“I love working with composer Kristian Sensini. With his work on My Love Affair With Marriage, Kristian truly shows that the sky’s the limit for his talents. He wrote 23 distinct songs, and an amazing score. I love how the Biology music in the opening scene draws us into the story, and the end-credit song (sung by Storm Large) closes the story with a feeling of hope and possibilities.” Signe Baumane (Director)

“The score is just beautiful and it perfectly fits the images. Great job! I know Signe and I know the originality, the double meanings and the brilliance of her works, which not anyone can immediately grasp. Creating music for her movies is not an easy task.” Bruno Bozzetto ( Director and Animator Legend about the movie “Rocks in My Pockets”)

“Kristian Sensini exceptional understanding of visual storytelling  informs the music he writes – a rare combination of talents with added   extraordinary work ethic and passion for film and music. He not only saved the day for “Rocks In My Pockets”, but he also pushed it higher up to a new level of filmmaking. Without Kristian’s score the film wouldn’t be complete nor it would be as good is it is now.” Signe Baumane (Director)

“I think I have found my Ennio Morricone. Kristian has made a score which perfectly suits my film.” Andrej Košak (Director and Screenwriter)

“Nel film “The Museum of Wonders” alla poesia delle immagini si accompagna la musica di Kristian Sensini, in un matrimonio perfetto di capacità di discernimento ed emozione senza regole”. D. Cristopharo (director)

“Mystery films have an interesting musical language, often taking inspiration from various other “pure” genres depending on what the story requires. For “The Frog in the Stone,” we needed a composer who could describe what was both beautiful and repulsive about families. Some families know every detail about all the members of their clan, other families go through their entire lives a mystery to each other. The talented Kristian Sensini fit the bill perfectly, because the way Sensini balanced sensitivity and the grotesque felt just familiar enough to be nostalgic, and just disturbing enough to keep the viewer guessing.” Chi J. Lee (Director “The Frog in The Stone”)

”Beautiful! The music ebbs and flows in just the write places, enhancing my vision for the film. Kristian creatively approached the music from the same place I wrote it. It was a perfect match. Kristian and I have only corresponded via the web (the music was transferred online) I look forward to meeting my new friend one day face to face. He is an excellent composer and has been an ardent supporter of BUTTERFLY RISING – I will always be grateful for him.” Tanya Wright (director)

“I cannot recommend Kristian Sensini highly enough. He has scored the soundtrack for “Brightside” a documentary produced by Little Narratives. He was able to take the brief and interpret the material then deliver work which was perfect first time around. He is reliable, creative, and incredibly talented. As part of the work he has created a theme for each character and he has been able to capture both the personality and the context for each one. Not only that but each track he has created is beautiful in its own right, which will make for a fantastic soundtrack. I think you would find it hard to beat him, whatever your requirements. He listened well to our aims and ambitions for the score and delivered it with a cherry on the top.” Clair Hayne (producer/ director)

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