Directed by Andrej Košak      Music by Kristian Sensini

The film is a story about a society losing morality, where only criminals have a moral code, and it follows a corrupt mayor of an idyllic Slovenian town, who connects with a local criminal in order to put his opponent in the upcoming elections out of race.

“All Against All is an answer to the famous Slovenian drama Kralj na Betajnovi written by Ivan Cankar, a story which is still up to date nowadays”, director Andrej Košak said.

The film was produced by Zoran Dževerdanović through the Slovenian production company Blade Production in coproduction with Ilija Ciriviri through the Macedonian MIND production, Barbara Vekarič through Croatian MOTION, the Slovenian national broadcaster RTV Slovenija, Studio Ritem and Daiga.
“For this work I was inspired by the soundtracks of the Italian political cinema of the 70s. In particular, the lesson of Maestro Ennio Morricone was fundamental, in the choice of the palette of sounds, in the orchestrations and in the compositional method, which I would define as a layer of melodies. I have no difficulty admitting that what you are listening to is probably one of my best works of the last few years, thanks in particular to the confidence and consequent expressive freedom that both the director and the producer have given me. It is a rare privilege nowadays to be able to work on a film so well shot and performed and to be free, in respect of the narration and of the directorial choices, to be able to express even through the melody.” Kristian Sensini

All Against All