KeyeStudioS is a Film Score, Musical Theater facility. The heart of the studio is CUBASE 9 running on Hp Workstation z400 Workstation Intel Xenon CPU 3,07 GHZ 24 Giga of RAM. Everything is hubbed off with a FOCUSRITE Scarlett 18i20.


Sequencing works are made using a huge library loaded with the best orchestral samples and high quality production Virtual Instruments including:

Vienna Symphonic Orchestra, Spitfire Orchestra, Omnisphere, NI Kontakt Komplete 11, Synthogy Ivory, Miroslav Philarmonik Orchestra, Ik Sampletank, Project Sam Symphobia, Toontracker Ez Drums, Xln Addictive Drums.

In this way our studio can create a big “Blockbuster Sound” and keep the budget low, that’s the ideal thing for young and students film makers, for small Indipendent productions, for production that are in a hurry and need to work fast and have corrections done  as the work is in progress, or just if you need a fast mock-up of the final track done in short times.

The main keyboard is a KAWAI Piano mp11 because of its incredible touch response. A set of Yamaha Active monitors and KRK Kns-8400 Headphones are used to finesse things. All mixes are done digitally. The main mics for voices and acoustic instruments is a RODE NT1A.


On the acoustic end of things is a Challen Grand Piano, an Hammond Digital Organ, Hoffner Bass, Gibson Les Paul Electric Guitar, Ibanez acoustic guitar, Harpejji k24, Mateki Silver flute, Hohner Wooden (pearwood) Soprano Recorder, Hohner Chrometta 8 Chromatic harmonica, Fisarmonica Soprani, Alto Sax Yamaha, Russian Balalaika, Japanese Koto, numerous hand made Peruvian, Japanese, Brazilian and American Indian flutes and percussions.

Kristian is fluent on many instruments including: Piano, Flute, Akai Ewi Midi Sax, Fisarmonica, Percussions and ethnic instruments.



We TOTALLY LOVE to work with real musicians! The computers will never substitute the feeling of a human playng a real instrument. If your production has extra-budget for the music department, you may consider to have the music for your project recorded by a Real Orchestr. We work with several Orchestras in Europe, and we can assure the best quality in performing and recording.

Prices may vary depending on the number of musicians booked and on the kind of music recorded.

If you are looking for quality, original music to license for your project, you’ve come to the right place. Are you looking for music to enhance a current film or video project? Dislike searching through all those music libraries? Have KeyeStudioS create a musical background for your documentaries, commercials, or film projects. Kristian can create original tracks in virtually any genre imaginable, using our proprietary digital technology for maximum flexibility and quality. No matter what your needs, contact us today to discuss them with us – we’re ready to listen! From wild brash orchestral sounds to subliminal moody underscore and shimmering textures, Kristian is a highly skilled contemporary score composer capable of a huge range of emotional soundscapes that enhance a film whilst adhering to a consistent musical personality. Kristian is a diverse and original artist with a huge command of the orchestra coupled with an intimate knowledge of composition. He is equally versed at writing for live instruments and using electronics. Our credits includes TV and Radio Show for RAI and RTI MEDIASET, the most famous Italians TV Networks, and film score for indipendent Film Makers worldwide.