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My Interview with Richard Buxton Cinematic Freedom: An Interview with Kristian Sensini Kristian Sensini is an Italian film composer, who specializes in animation, drama, fantasy, and documentaries. Kristian studied at the Conservatorio Statale di Musica “Gioachino Rossini”. Kristian joined Tracksounds to discuss his diverse musical background, his time working with a master of […]

Rocks In My Pockets Interview on The Audio Spotlight   Tell us a little about yourself and how did you get into scoring for films? I’m a cinephile and I have a true passion for movies and storytelling. I was lucky enough to grow up in the eighties, a great decade for movies for young audience, with amazing orchestral scores (think about Star […]

Composer Kristian Sensini talks ROCKS IN MY POCKETS

New interview about the soundtrack I wrote for Rocks In My Pockets this time for the cool guys at Agents of Geek   We recently had the chance to interview composer Kristian Sensini about his new project Rocks In My Pockets. The film is currrently an early contendor for Latvia’s Best Foreign Language Film […]

Interview about #RocksInMyPockets on the In Spring 2013, Award-winning film composer Kristian Sensini dove into a challenging project that was equal parts light and dark. A year later, “Rocks in My Pockets,” is now considered a critically-acclaimed animated feature and Latvia’s entry for “Best Foreign Language” at the upcoming 2015 Academy Awards. Musically, the film’s soundtrack delivers the appropriate […]

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Here’s the interview done for the website What is your studio setup like? What do you use for recording piano? -I have a hybrid setup, half virtual instruments and half real ones. I am myself a piano and flute player and in my studio I have a grandpiano, so basically this two instruments are […]

New Interview on Kristian Sensini An Interview with Kristian Sensini by John Mansell © 2012/2013 Kristian Sensini is a piano and flute player with a background in classical and jazz music. He has composed scores for numerous film and television productions and has been nominated in   successive years at the Jerry Goldsmith International Film Music Awards. He […]

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Here’s a preview of the interview i did for a multimedia project by Reese Spykerman 1. Why did you choose to become a composer? I didn’t choose it really. I mean from a philosophical point of view… I think it’s something you can’t choose, it is like breathing. A deep need to express yourself. Some […]

Interview on Trailermusic Vibe

Check this interview on The site itself is amazing so follow them!   Meet Kristian Sensini – another emerging composer from the cupboards of the production music industry. He was thrilled to interview with Trailer Music Vibe and I am happy present to you now the following interview. Be sure to follow Sensini on […]

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Another article from Spain! This time from Kristian Sensini: Nuevo Proyecto de Mecenazgo Escrito por Rubén Franco, el 3 mayo 2012 | Publicado en Noticias En un projecto parecido el de Carles Cases (aunque con muchas diferencias), el compositor italiano Kristian Sensini ha decidio poner en marcha un experimento donde tu puedes donar […]