Come vincere un Oscar per la Colonna Sonora

Nella settimana che precede l’assegnazione degli Academy Awards, ho pensato di pubblicare un videoblog che spieghi come funziona la corsa all’Oscar. In particolare faccio riferimento al premio per la miglior Colonna Sonora, ma i meccanismi e le regole delle quali parlo sono valide ed estensibili alle altre categorie. Fatemi sapere cosa ne pensate! Di seguito […]

Composer Kristian Sensini talks ROCKS IN MY POCKETS

New interview about the soundtrack I wrote for Rocks In My Pockets this time for the cool guys at Agents of Geek   We recently had the chance to interview composer Kristian Sensini about his new project Rocks In My Pockets. The film is currrently an early contendor for Latvia’s Best Foreign Language Film […]

Interview about #RocksInMyPockets on the In Spring 2013, Award-winning film composer Kristian Sensini dove into a challenging project that was equal parts light and dark. A year later, “Rocks in My Pockets,” is now considered a critically-acclaimed animated feature and Latvia’s entry for “Best Foreign Language” at the upcoming 2015 Academy Awards. Musically, the film’s soundtrack delivers the appropriate […]