Karma – Review by Film Score Monthly

Full album available at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/karma-atonement/id1211759271 Karma follows a group of young boys whose past behavior catches up with them as they are tested and punished by an embodiment of evil. The film’s horrific score comescourtesy of Kristian Sensini (Rocks in My Pocket, La Sorpresa). Karma’s opening title track features an enticing arpeggiated idea and a […]

“La Sorpresa” Review on BuySoundtrax

Soundtrax: Episode 2016-3 April 11th, 2016 By Randall D. Larson http://www.buysoundtrax.com/larsons_soundtrax-4-11-16.html LA SORPRESA/Kristian Sensini/KeyeStudios – ltd ed cd + digitalItalian composer Kristian Sensini has released his latest score on his own, digitally. Be thankful. Directed by Ivan Polidoro, LA SORPRESA (The Surprise) is a family drama that focuses on the awkward relationship between a father […]

“La Sorpresa” Ost – Review at Film Music Magazine

La Sorpresa ‪Ost‬ is one of March ‪Soundtrack‬ Picks at ‪‎FilmMusicMagazine‬ along with Zootopia (Michael Giacchino) , Batman v Superman (Hans Zimmer Junkie XL), London Has Fallen (Trevor Morris ) You can buy limited edition signed copies of the soundtrack at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kristiansensini3 http://www.filmmusicmag.com/?p=15918 Having quirkily played mental illness with his score for the generational madness […]

“La Sorpresa” OST review by Synchrotones

https://synchrotones.wordpress.com/2016/03/13/2016-round-up-february-212/ “La Sorpresa” (Kristian Sensini, 15 tracks, 37.40, Kristian Sensini 2016). “La Sorpresa” is an Italian drama that revolves around an estranged father-and-daughter relationship. He is dying, she wants answers, but years of lies have made their relationship difficult. The original score is by Kristian Sensini; and it’s performed by a small, chamber-like orchestra. The […]

“La Sorpresa” Ost Review by Underscores.fr

http://www.underscores.fr/chroniques/underscorama/2016/02/sorpresa-la-kristian-sensini/ “Une partition qui fait la part belle à l’épure : cordes lancinantes, synthé planant, voix de femme aux consonances liturgiques, tango… L’album a le mérite d’être assez varié (et assez court), l’écriture est soignée, mais il manque une personnalité plus marquante que celle qu’on découvre ici pour rendre l’écoute autre chose qu’anecdotique.”

“Rocks In My Pocket” OST Review by g-pop.net

http://www.g-pop.net/rockspockets.htm Reviewed by Melissa Minners             In the animated film, Rocks in My Pockets, Latvian artist Signe Baumane tells the story of five separate women in her family (including herself) and their struggles with depression.  Tracing the lines of depression back in her family, Baumane begins with her grandmother, a peasant with eight children and […]

“La Sorpresa” review by Film Score Monthly

http://www.filmscoremonthly.com/fsmonline/main.cfm?issueID=133 Soundtrack Available Digitally on Itunes https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/la-sorpresa-original-soundtrack/id1069855608 Limited Edition (100) Cds available at http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/kristiansensini3 KRISTIAN SENSINIPromo15 tracks – 38:08  La Sorpresa, directed by Ivan Polidoro, follows a daughter whose increasingly ill father requires more attention than she can provide. Enter Rocco, a male nurse who begins to care for him as the daughter looks for […]

“La Sorpresa” OST Review by MundoBSO

MundoBSO review of La Sorpresa Soundtrack Thank you Conrado Xalabarder ! http://www.mundobso.com/bso/sorpresa-la Banda sonora en la que el compositor transita cómodamente por los estados emocionales del dolor y de la liberación y reconciliación. Lo hace en base en primer lugar a la creación de unas atmósferas de turbación e inseguridad, nebulosas, que son expansivas y […]

La Sorpresa–Review by Soundtrack Geek

http://www.soundtrackgeek.com/v2/soundtrack-review-la-sorpresa/ La Sorpresa is a 2015 Italian drama film directed by Ivan Polidoro and starring Adriana Caggiano, Mario Ierace and Rocco Fasano. It’s the story of three people and their relationship, unwanted, but necessary. The protagonists are a father, his daughter, and a male nurse. The setting is a city in the south of Italy: […]

La Sorpresa–SoundtrackDreams Review

http://www.soundtrackdreams.com/2015/12/soundtrack-review-la-sorpresa-kristian-sensini-2015/ “La sorpresa” is a 2015 Italian film directed by Ivan Polidoro. It’s the story of three people and their relationship, unwanted, but necessary. The protagonists are a father, his daughter, and a male nurse. The setting is a city in the south of Italy: Potenza. She immediately realizes she’s not able to take care […]