Scoring Butterfly Rising

I'm scoring right now this great Independent movie written by Tanya Wright.

This is the synopsis from the website:

“When her brother dies, singer Lilah Belle sets out to escape her grief and embarks on a road trip, but not before coaxing the new-to-town, most scandalous woman in Artesia “Rose Johnson” to go with her. These two broken souls steal a vintage truck and head out on the open road to a fated encounter with the mythical, magical“Lazarus of the Butterflies.’ What occurs with the strange Butterfly Man transforms their destinies and binds the women together forever”

The website is

It’s a pleasure to work with a so professional crew, and to have greatfreedom from the director: i have the chance to try lots of different musical generes, from jazz/funk athmospheres to intimate ones, going from chamber music cues to great orchestral ones.

Hope soon to have the possibility to post something here or on my account on reverbnation to have your suggestions and comments. It’s a full immersion in music for pictures, less than a month to write and record the complete score, but i really enjoy to play all the instrument (digital orchestra…but also lot of acoustic ones, percussion, flutes, piano and guitars).