Some words from the director Tanya Wright

Tnx to Tanya Wright for the wonderful words about my music for her Movie “Butterfly Rising”:

“I received an e-mail some months ago. It was from a composer in Italy who had read an article online about my upcoming movie, BUTTERFLY RISING. It was Kristian Sensini.Though I was concerned Kristian was in Italy and I was in the States,

I followed my heart and hired Kristian to write the music for my movie. Beautiful! The music ebbs and flows in just the write places, enhancing my vision for the film. Kristian creatively approached the music from the same place I wrote it. It was a perfect match. Kristian and I have only corresponded via the web (the music was transferred online) I look forward to meeting my new friend one day face to face. He is an excellent composer and has been an ardent supporter of BUTTERFLY RISING. I will always be grateful for him.”

Tanya Wright