V Jerry Goldsmith Awards

From the official Website  http://festival.bsospirit.com/index.php 

Next Thursday, July 15th, the ceremony of the V Jerry Goldsmith Awards will be held. We have prepared a small introductory video, with images of the past winners and of this year’s nominated films, under the music of maestro Jerry Goldsmith. We await you at the ceremony!

Besides, the following nominee composers have confirmed us their attendance to the Festival:

  • Germán Barón
  • Joseba Beristain
  • Jesús Calderón
  • Sergio de la Puente
  • Andrés de la Torre
  • Henning Fuchs
  • Manel Gil
  • Peer Kleinschmidt
  • Sergio Lasuén
  • Iván Llopis
  • Gary Marlowe
  • Héctor Marroquín
  • Raphael Benjamin Meyer
  • Oscar Navarro
  • Iván Palomares
  • Ignacio Pérez Marin
  • Felix Raffel
  • Aleix Riera
  • Frank Schreiber
  • Kristian Sensini
  • Marc Timón
  • Marc Vaíllo
  • Aritz Villodas
  • Christoph Zirngibl

Do not forget to visit the awards section at the website, where you will find videos, musics and interviews.