Psycho Thriller

This is a scene from the Movie “Dead Enders” (out now in DVD) that i’ve scored with the Composer Collective (run by Ceo Evan Evans, the son of pianist Bill Evans).

Youu can find this track and other music i’ve done for this movie in my Itunes Album “Cinematic Music Scores”

This is the official website of the movie

Music legend Dave Ellefson, from Megadeth, contributed to the Soundtrack

Synopsis: A disturbed woman, haunted by the death of her “one true love, ” kidnaps and brutalizes those she believes to be his living successor. Held captive in a subterranean prison, Robert begins to fight for his survival from a sadistic captor willing to kill anyone that disturbs her suicidal plans. To save himself, Robert must survive booby-trapped mazes, implements of torture, and an evil presence which feeds his captors insanity and hides from the world, the dark secrets of “Max”.