VI Goldsmith Awards Nominees


So…for the second year I’ve received two nominations for the International Film Music Awards “Jerry Goldsmith” (Ubeda, SPAIN).

For the category BEST SCORE IN DOCUMENTARY the jury selected the music I wrote for the Documentary “Tamburini: La costruzione del potere” by Henry Secchiaroli and Andrea Giomaro. Here’s the trailer for that documentary:

Tamburini: La costruzione del Potere

You can listen to a preview of this soundtrack on ITUNES STORE, and if you want you can buy the whole cd too Sorriso.


For the category BEST PROMOTION SCORE the jury selected the music I wrote for the trailer of Hyde’s Secret Nightmare, the feature movie of Domiziano Cristopharo (starring Roberta Gemma). Here’s the trailer:

Hyde’s Secret Nightmare

Here’s the link to the website announcing the nominees: