The Year to Come

2016 will be remembered as a very bad year for Music, we lost so many talented and iconic artists.
For me this has been one of the most creative years in the last decades.
I’ve been involved in a lot of really interesting projects (carefully selected…) and I’ve spent a lot of energies on my MasterWork, my little son Leo (one month old last week).

In the meantime (somehow) I found the time to revamp my website, now you can listen in streaming to almost any project I’ve worked on in the last 10 year, here’s the link (just click on the single pictures to enter on the project page). .

2017 will be a very busy year.
I began the pre-production of an amazing italian feature film, shot at the Reggia di Caserta, a fantastic and oniric “fellinian” movie (“Il Bagno di Venere”)
I’ve also started the pre-production of the next animation movie of Signe Baumane (the talented director and writer of the acclaimed “Rocks in My Pockets”.)
While I’m writing i’m on the mixing stage of the short movie “Sharpe” an incredible work of art directed by canadian director Alberto d’Onofrio and shot in 16 mm.
The music I’m writing in the last months is more experimental,intimate and with a warm “chamber” sound, I really enjoy writing for strings quartet, and I’m planning to publish a solo album of music for strings later next year.

I hope in 2017 you may be happy, healty and at peace and that in the beautiful and complex world we’re living in we can discover compassion and awareness for the people around us, experiencing with more mindfulness the present moment (by the way is everything that we have…)

p.s. feel free to follow my facebook page if you keep updated on my latest works