All Against All on Berlin Radio

The12 of June 2020  my score from the movie Vsi proti vsem / All against All has been featured on Alex Berlin on the radio show Cinématographe hosted by Stefanos Tsarouchas

Here’s a recording of the show and a transcript tranlated in english

      RadioBerlin Cinematographe AAA SHORT

“The Slovenian thriller “All against all” was released in 2019. It is a film by director Andrej Košak, who was alsothescreenwriter. What is it about? Franta, the corrupt mayor of a fictitious city will probably lose re-election in four days, what to do? His mistress has a suggestion: he should contact a criminal butcher. Only he can solve all problems in such a short time. “All Against All” is supposed to be a story about the morality of people you’d least expect to have any.  Kristian Sensini composed the music for the film, we hear “Frantas Theme” from it. The music of Kristian Sensini was released as a limited CD by Kronos Records. In the blurb, director Andrej Košak writes that he found his Ennio Morricone in Kristian Sensini. In his score Sensini refers to the Italian political thrillers of the seventies. For me, these are mainly films by Damiano Damiani, which I saw as a child on GDR television. “Confessions of a Police Commissioner to the District Attorney” from 1971 or “L’Istruttoria è chiusa:dimentichi!” from 72. But there are many more films. Italian cinema was very political back then, but unfortunately hardly any of it is shown on TV anymore. Especially the theme for Franta is a good reference to the film music of the Italian thrillers of the 70s. The electric guitar sounds, which you can hear throughout the score, also fit very well to this time. Especially the interaction of guitar, piano and synthesizer create a threatening undertone. Several themes also have a jazzy undertone and could almost be lounge music. This also fits very well to the musical style of the 70s. Here’s the title theme from “All against all” composed by Kristian Sensini.”

Stefanos Tsarouchas