My Love Affair With Marriage one of the Best Movies Of 2022

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“My Love Affair With Marriage”

Latvian filmmaker Signe Baumane quietly delivered one of the best female resistance films of the year — and it’s animated. It’s a wonderful surprise in a movie already filled to the brim with them. It’s a sprawling story that follows the life of Zelma (voiced by Dagmara Domińczyk), a girl who is destined to walk down the much-tread path of her ancestors to be married to a man and taken care of. But the more she grows up and experiences new things, including bullies at school and terrible boyfriends, the more she realizes that what’s destined for her may not be for her. Her body even resists the thought of such conformity. “My Love Affair With Marriage” is an exuberant and complex movie about the journey to female rebellion. — Frederick