“Unseen films” Interview “My Love Affair With Marriage”


UNSEEN: I’m in awe of the music. When you wrote the script did you have all the songs done? I know you wrote the lyrics and Kristian Sensini wrote the music. But the songs drive the film, and they are Broadway quality…and the one thing I was thinking when it was done was that this was great, that you could put this on a Broadway stage…

SIGNE: Really? I was thinking the same. I was think that when we released the film we had to go on Broadway.

UNSEEN: No it’s in my review which you haven’t see because of the embargo, but I was think the film ends and the door open and that is just such a Broadway moment, the moment everyone screams and yells and leaps to their feet and cheers and I’m like “oh my god this is Broadway musical”, it has to go to Broadway

SIGNE; I’m glad you’re saying that. Yea of course I don’t have any idea how to put it on Broadway but maybe somebody sees it and understands it and understands what you understood.

Let me talk a little bit about the music. The music, the songs, the score and everything were written by this very very talented composed in Italy Kristian Sensini and I worked with him on my previous animated film ROCKS IN MY POCKET and I thought he was very talented but I didn’t know if he could write songs. So when I wrote the script I put 33 songs in the script, I wrote the lyrics and all that. And I sent him the script and I asked him if would be able to write these songs. And he looked at it and said yea, no problem. And so he wrote these songs and I was just amazed at how he was able to do that because it’s a special talent to do that. And he has the ability to do as you say the Broadway, the comedy the lightness, the darkness so he’s a very versatile composer.

And then after the film was done he wrote the score and I’m very happy with the score for the biology part, I feel that its very moody mysterious, the kind of a drumbeat and I’m very happy about that discovery. So yea Kristian Sensini’s song writing is really an essentially part of the film. I don’t know how, I can not imagine the film to be with out his particular sensibility in music.

UNSEEN: It drives the film. It wouldn’t work without it. I mean that in a good way. It’s clearly your film but you brought in this wonderful composer and a killer voice cast. It’s a beautiful beautiful film and if you pulled any of it out it wouldn’t work. If you pulled the songs out it wouldn’t work. You hit everything perfectly.

SIGNE: And the end credits song, we wrote that at the end, when the film was done and I told him I need a three and a half minute song and he said send me the lyrics and I sent him like three pages of lyrics and he sent it back to me and said this is shit I can not write a song to that. So we are true collaborators,it had to be together, the words and music have to come together. And he was really crucial that he really pushed myself together to write lyrics that he could work with. And then Storm Large, I don’t know if you know her work, she’s this amazing singer. I hear the song and it blows me away, the power of her voice.