Dear friends,

this my new project, it’s called “A Blurred Glass”.

It is an album for string quartet and electronics, with a focus on the sound of synthesizers of the 60s and 70s.

For this album I decided to collaborate with some Ukrainian musicians and to get them recorded in a studio near Odessa. I think it is essential at this time to support our colleagues and all those who work, or try to do so, in the artistic field in such a complex situation.

The musicians involved in the project are:

Alexey Zavgorodniy violin and viola

Kateryna Mytrofanova cello

The recordings are by Oleh Mytrofanov

If you want to order the album  you can use the following paypal links.

“A Blurred Glass” – MP3

“A Blurred Glass” – CD


Make your payments with PayPal. It is free, secure, effective.

The cost of the album in digital format (MP3) is 10 euros, the cost of the CD is 20 euros  (including shipping).

The proceeds from the sales will go to Emergency in support of Ukrainian refugees.

Below are the titles of the songs.

They are clearly influenced by a (not too much…) deep reflection on our contemporary reality.

Self Consciousness
Bad Feeling
The Window
Bedroom Roadtrip
Glass Mantra
Still Time
Social Distance
Panic Debris
Mental Glitch
Lights Out
Your Voice
I Trust You
I See You

I have always been convinced of the fact that Music is one of the purest means to tell about a specific historical period and that, consequently, the world in which we live, the challenges that mankind faces every day, influence how Music is created. The sound of this record reflects the last years of life at home, almost hidden from each other. It is “chamber” music in its primary meaning, music that is designed to be performed and listened to in the intimacy of the home. It is a record recorded at home, albeit with musicians who are hundreds of kilometers away from each other.

Thanks in advance to those who want to help us complete this important project.