Over the years I have been following ideas and images, and now I’ve collected the best inspirations into a series of music for string quartets.  I chose the string quartet formula because I’ve always been fascinated by four-part writing and the endless creative possibilities that this kind of ensemble gives.This is my very first solo album, the result of years of study and research, hope you’ll enjoy it ! Kristian Sensini

Recorded in June 2019 in Los Angeles by Esession Strings Quartet

String production: Pablo Hopenhayn                   Mixed at KeyeStudioS (Italy)

Musical Consulting: Peyber A. Medina H.

Mastering by Christian Wright – Abbey Road Studios (London) His skills in soundtrack production have been employed on the Oscar winning Gravity composed by Steven Price, two Harry Potter films and The Master – composed by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood. Oh…and he worked on Kid A. And the full Bjork catalogue.

Graphic project by Fidia Falaschetti & Kristian Sensini Layout by Jan Mozzorecchia



“A beautiful project, filled with life, joy and vitality.” Michael Price 

“To introduce us into his world, in the first track Kristian offers us a lively and coloured bicycle, which immediately encourages a relaxed ride and a contemplative listening attitude. After a little more than an hour of sparkling surges and languid retreats, the last song takes us straight to the very emblem of the impossibility of a finish line, of a point of arrival: that Beckett’s “Godot”, meaning the uselessness of waiting and of expectations. You could therefore think that a path so deliberately inconclusive, almost stranded and mutilated of a definite perspective by its own author, is equivalent to a dead end road, or a bottle with no trace of a message. Nevertheless you could not be further from the sense of which KuartetS is permeated: as in living itself, it is not the destination nor the presumed lesson that counts, but the journey (here a musical one), always so new and unpredictable. And what is more, in this effort of his – which also has the grace of what is obtained without effort – Kristian, who is an experienced composer at the service of moving-images, this time only responds to himself, and to the urgencies of his own feelings. And the 17 answers that he gives to himself and to us are all beautiful: they are personal reinterpretations of the twentieth-century chamber music tradition, suspended between minimalism and Celtic mists, between Old Europe and the New World, between Philip Glass and Tin Hat Trio. But there is so much more: you just have to get on the bike and ride those 66 minutes of pure listening pleasure.” Sergio Bassetti