“Rocks in My Pockets” Ost at the Soundtrack Geek Awards 2015

http://www.soundtrackgeek.com/v2/soundtrack-geek-awards-2015-nominees-vote-now/ I’m really happy to announce you that my score received a nomination at the 5th Annual Soundtrack Geek Awards presented by Soundtrack Geek and Soundtrack Dreams! “Rocks in My Pockets” is in noination in the Best Animation Score category, here are the other nominees The Nominees are chosen based on Top Scores 2014 Critic’s […]

Rocks In My Pockets Interview on The Audio Spotlight

http://theaudiospotlight.com/kristian-sensini-interview/   Tell us a little about yourself and how did you get into scoring for films? I’m a cinephile and I have a true passion for movies and storytelling. I was lucky enough to grow up in the eighties, a great decade for movies for young audience, with amazing orchestral scores (think about Star […]

Composer Kristian Sensini talks ROCKS IN MY POCKETS

New interview about the soundtrack I wrote for Rocks In My Pockets this time for the cool guys at Agents of Geek http://agentsofgeek.com/2014/12/composer-kristian-sensini-talks-rocks-in-my-pockets/   We recently had the chance to interview composer Kristian Sensini about his new project Rocks In My Pockets. The film is currrently an early contendor for Latvia’s Best Foreign Language Film […]

Interview about #RocksInMyPockets on the Examiner.com

http://www.examiner.com/article/composer-kristian-sensini-dives-into-the-world-of-scoring-rocks-my-pockets?cid=rss In Spring 2013, Award-winning film composer Kristian Sensini dove into a challenging project that was equal parts light and dark. A year later, “Rocks in My Pockets,” is now considered a critically-acclaimed animated feature and Latvia’s entry for “Best Foreign Language” at the upcoming 2015 Academy Awards. Musically, the film’s soundtrack delivers the appropriate […]

“Rocks in my Pockets” OST review by Howlin’ Wolf

http://www.jmhdigital.com/2014/10/moviescore-media-rocks-in-my-pockets.html Nice Job, if you close your eyes and listen to this score you can find yourself drifting into a far off land where things build to a pleasant proportion. I say very whimsical and uplifting, you will really enjoy this score by composer Kristian Sensini and find it to quickly become a favorite for […]