“Rocks in My Pockets” Ost at the Soundtrack Geek Awards 2015



I’m really happy to announce you that my score received a nomination at the 5th Annual Soundtrack Geek Awards presented by Soundtrack Geek and Soundtrack Dreams!

“Rocks in My Pockets” is in noination in the Best Animation Score category, here are the other nominees


The Nominees are chosen based on Top Scores 2014 Critic’s Choice, Soundtrack Geek Index and Soundtrack Dreams top choices for 2014.

Basically 7 nominees are chosen based on what 20+ soundtrack review sites say about the scores and the rest are added based on the Soundtrack Geek Index and Soundtrack Dreams top scores for 2014. For the category Best Score 10 are chosen. For Best Cue, there are 20 nominees.

So start voting! The votes will close in 6 days (at midnight 17 of January) and the winners will be announced on Sunday January 18!