All Against All – Review by Ley Bricknell

Filmic All Against all
At the following link
at 93 minutes 46 seconds you can listen to a beautiful review (by Ley Bricknell ) of my score for the movie Vsi proti vsem / All against All
It is a real pleasure to be featured in this radio show along with some of my favourite composers as Roque Baños John Barry Maestro Ennio Morricone Abel Korzeniowski Carlo Rustichelli
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“Now here is a real treat I am really lucky to have received a promo of his latest soundtrack to the political drama All Against All, which was released in January.

As you can imagine, the score is tense, and what I really like about it is its sparseness which makes for a terrifically moody and atmospheric backdrop.

This is a carefully executed score which keeps you locked in, the sparseness allows you to get deeper into the score, it’s a direct thee to the senses .

All Against All is on the Kronos record label. The score was to be released in march, but due to lockdown it’s been delayed. You can check at for its availability.