“My Love Affair With Marriage” interview on KBOO FM

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Here are the higlights about the song “Lion” and Storm Large involvment in the End Titles song:


“And there are musical numbers featured in the film, including the talented Storm Large from Portland.”

“Oh, Storm Large is absolutely incredible. Words fail me when trying to describe her. She is truly astounding and amazing. She performed the end credits song for the film. Before the screening, I always urge the audience to stay until the end credits because the song was specially written for the film. I wrote the lyrics, and our composer Kristian Sansini composed the music, while Storm Large delivered an exceptional performance. The song is truly remarkable. It also serves to answer any lingering questions or emotions the audience may have, such as the fate of Zelma. My hope is that viewers will leave the theater humming this song titled ‘Lion.’ Would you like to know how Storm became involved in singing the song?”

“Certainly, let’s delve into the collaboration that led to this musical masterpiece.”

“During the film’s production, which spanned seven years, we always knew that there would be a 24th song to cap it off. This song had to be different in style, a pop song, but I hadn’t written it yet. I kept it on the back burner. Then, while working on the sound in Luxembourg at the renowned Philopon sound studio, we were given a strict deadline. They needed the song by November 1st, and it was already July. So, I began working on the lyrics and sent them to our composer, Kristian. Unfortunately, he responded saying that he couldn’t compose anything to those lyrics. You see, all the previous lyrics I had written consisted of only three words, which suited a more free and jazzy folk style. However, this pop song required a rigid and unforgiving structure. He suggested I go back to the drawing board and even look up how to write a pop song online. So, I researched and squeezed my brain, but August passed by without much progress. When something is difficult, we tend to set it aside and focus on other urgent matters. However, as the November 1st deadline approached and we needed not only the song but also a singer, I managed to squeeze out the lyrics. My partner, Sturgis Warner, who is also a producer on the film, helped me measure the beats. We sent the lyrics to Kristian, and amazingly, he composed the song within six hours. Now, the challenge was finding a singer. Singers can be quite complicated to coordinate due to their schedules and agents, and some may not even have email. We tried reaching out to various people, but it proved difficult. Then, I remembered that my good friend Bill Clinton had connections to Pink Martini. I particularly admired China Forbes’ voice, but she wasn’t available. However, Pink Martini recommended Storm Large. I had seen a clip of her performance on America’s Got Talent before, and I couldn’t believe our luck. We presented the song to Storm, and she agreed to sing it. Since I couldn’t fly to Portland, we worked together through Zoom. Storm is such a remarkable talent that she doesn’t need much direction. She would come in and effortlessly hit the right notes, exceeding our expectations. It was an incredible experience working with her. As she was about to leave, she paid me the greatest compliment I’ve ever received. She said, ‘That was an interesting song,’ and I hold that compliment dear to my heart.”

“She possesses such incredible vocal power as well, doesn’t she?”

“Yes, absolutely. Storm has incredible power behind her voice. But what sets her apart is not just her vocal prowess; she is also an intelligent and daring performer. She goes beyond simply delivering a performance and dares to approach the edge where something truly electrifying begins. As an artist, I believe it’s important to be near that zone of danger, like being close to a live wire. And Storm embodies that artist who constantly reaches for that live wire.”

“Some audiences may expect a film called ‘My Love Affair with Marriage,’ with musical elements, to follow a familiar Disney princess story. However, this film takes a different path. It is set against the backdrop of historic events in Eastern Europe and spans a 23-year odyssey.”

“Yes, it’s a truly epic journey. It’s interesting that you mention Disney because mainstream audiences often associate animated feature films with children’s stories. However, I believe our audience is more sophisticated and open to different experiences.”