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“Composing ‘Lion’ with Director Signe Baumane’s lyrics was a truly inspiring journey. Signe’s words beautifully depicted a story of strength and determination, and my goal was to translate these emotions into music. We worked closely to create a composition that would deepen the film’s emotional impact, aiming to resonate with the audience on a profound level. The song was designed to instill a sense of empowerment and reflect the protagonist’s journey, achieved by blending orchestral and electronic elements for a dynamic and emotionally charged piece. It was a rewarding creative process, and I’m genuinely proud of the final outcome. I hope the audience finds ‘Lion’ as moving as we did when we crafted it,” Sensini stated.

“Collaborating with the remarkable performer Storm Large was a privilege. Her commanding and emotive voice added a new dimension to the song, perfectly conveying the raw emotions and strength within the lyrics. Storm’s performance brought the song to life, forging a deep connection with the audience and elevating the film’s storytelling. Working alongside Storm was a fantastic experience, and her contribution played a pivotal role in making “Lion” a memorable and impactful musical piece.”

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