Global Music Award




I’m really proud to announce you that I won a Global Music Award for the original score of the horror movie “Hyde’s Secret Nightmare”.

Global Music Awards’ (GMA) goal is to celebrate truly independent musicians, rather than being like other music talent competitions that honor only the best-selling recording artists from all around the world. GMA is a showcase for original music, unique voices and undiscovered and emerging artists.

Winning a Global Music Award honors is a huge accomplishment. It proves that musicians can make it outside of the major label system and still be recognized for their work. The artists who win this award are just as talented as some of the biggest artists in the country. GMA impacts people in an incredibly positive way and fulfills an important role in exposing worthy independent music to a wider audience.

Others notable winner of this award in the past years were: Austin Wintory (Journey), Larry Groupè (The Contender), Omar Sosa & Paolo Fresu, Jesper Kyd (Assassin’s Creed), Ryan Shore (Prime, The Shrine), Winifred Phillips (Assassin’s Creed Liberation).

You can listen to samples from the album at the following link

or on SPOTIFY . If you want you can buy the album on ITUNES or you can shop on the website of KRONOS RECORDS if you want receive an “Old Fashioned” hard copy on CD.