Rocks in My Pockets Interview on Indiewire

A new Interview to Signe Baumane on Indiewire with a very nice mention to my work on Rocks in my Pockets   BD: The score by Kristian Sensini captures the mood quite nicely. What was it like collaborating with him? SB: Kristian was the greatest gift to the project. It was a thrill to […]

“Rocks In my Pockets” Interview on Variety Interview with director Signe Baumane with a nice mention about my music "Days away from “Rocks in my Pockets” first festival submission, the film remained scoreless. While Baumane had initially contracted a New York musician whose work she adored, the performer hadn’t captured the complex emotion and playfulness she’s anticipated.  Friend and animator Bill […]


Sorry for the recent lack of updates on the website, I’m stuck in my recording studio working on an amazing animation project. I’m writing the soundtrack for the animation movie “ROCKS IN MY POCKETS”, written and directed by the talented Signe Baumane. She’s a great storyteller, a really original visual artist, not to talk she’s […]