“Rocks In my Pockets” Interview on Variety



Interview with director Signe Baumane with a nice mention about my music

"Days away from “Rocks in my Pockets” first festival submission, the film remained scoreless. While Baumane had initially contracted a New York musician whose work she adored, the performer hadn’t captured the complex emotion and playfulness she’s anticipated.  Friend and animator Bill Plimpton suggested she contact composer Kristian Sensini. After listening to a demo of Sensini’s work, she reached out to him.

“I sent three minutes of the film. Within twelve hours he sent back the most amazing, stunning work,” said Bauman. “Then five minutes later he sent another, then he sent one more version five minutes after that. He was excited and had such a great work ethic, he was really able to hear the humor, the lightness – he got what I was going after the whole time.”