Rocks in My Pockets Interview on Indiewire

A new Interview to Signe Baumane on Indiewire with a very nice mention to my work on Rocks in my Pockets


BD: The score by Kristian Sensini captures the mood quite nicely. What was it like collaborating with him?

SB: Kristian was the greatest gift to the project. It was a thrill to work with such an extraordinarily talented composer who was willing to try new things and understood visual storytelling. Rocks was a difficult film to score because there is so much voice-over in it. Kristian treated the voice-over as a soprano and he scored it accordingly, making it part of the melody, sometime even harmonizing with it. In effect, the music and voice-over feels as one — one extended song. The other challenge Kristian had with scoring Rocks was that the film deals with a very difficult subject, but it never sinks into self pity or despair. Kristian’s genius was that with his music he was able to accent the comedy, the lightness of the story (for example, my grandfather Indulis’ back story), but also he was very capable of going into deep dark places. (For example, his music for my cousin Irbe’s story is so haunting that I sometimes wake up at 4:00 am hearing it.) The ability to understand and deliver comedy and tragedy is extremely rare in one composer. So, we got two in one.


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