#RocksInMyPockets voted as one of the best Movies of the year

The week released a list called “”The Best movies we Watched in 2014”


I’m really proud to read “Rocks in my Pockets” in this list near some of my favourite movie this year : The Babadook, Boyhood, The LEGO Movie, Only Lovers Left Alive, Snowpiercer, Under the Skin.



Rocks in My Pockets

The first scene of Rocks In My Pockets, a film by Latvian animator-writer Signe Baumane, opens with the narrator (Baumane, playing herself) considering the nauseating logistics of commiting suicide. It’s a shockingly grim admission — and one that she peppers with darkly existential humor. "One must be considerate of one’s fellow citizens," she deadpans. Baumane, with the help of simple, surreal hand-drawn animations and papier-mache embellishments, tells the stories of four of her female relatives — all of whom succumbed to their demons and committed suicide — in order to better make sense of her own quest for sanity. "I look at my family and ask: ‘Can I escape my destiny?’" Baumane says.

Although Rocks In My Pockets is a film about depression, it succeeds because it never wallows in its own sadness. Baumane’s colorful, imaginative animations bring her family’s story to life, creating a world that’s full of joy, sadness, and the stubborn perseverance to keep depression at bay. By confronting the taboos surrounding mental illness head-on, Baumane has made a film that functions as both art and necessary viewing. —Samantha Rollins, news editor

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