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Album Review: Hyde’s Secret Nightmare

Review by Steven A. Kennedy

KRISTIAN SENSINI   Kronos 011 23 tracks – 59:30

Domiziano Cristopharo’s new film Hyde’s Secret Nightmare (2011) is a more erotic take on the classic Robert Louis Stevenson Jekyll and Hyde story. The Italian film features both porn and “normal” actors in its cast, and was released on DVD earlier this year in Italy. The score is by Kristian Sensini, who has collaborated with Cristopharo on each of his prior films, including House of Flesh Mannequins (2009).

Sensini’s effective use of samples gives a fairly accurate representation of an acoustic ensemble. He leans on a short motivic idea that floats through textures in what is often a gothic horror style (“Hyde’s Nightmare”), but also touches on rock, in a mix reminiscent of the work of Goblin.

“Bed of Horrors” delivers electronic textures and other unusual sounds, with electric guitar thrown in for good measure. In some respects, this score comes across like a blend of the old AIP horror genre with Italian giallo films. There’s even a little techno in “Elektro Dark,” and female vocalise in “Love You Madly.”

The final two tracks are “bonuses” from the film P.O.E. Poetry of Eerie. Fans of similar fare may enjoy Sensini’s work here. —Steven A. Kennedy